Don't Ignore Your Ductwork

Don’t Ignore your Ductwork!

Dirty, leaky, dusty, or damaged ductwork in your home can really wreak havoc on allergies and asthma, as well as cost you extra in energy bills; especially if the air ducts in your home are not functioning properly. Air duct repair and cleaning are an essential part of keeping your Brevard County, FL home safe and properly ventilated. Clear ducts improve your … Read More

Heat Pump vs. Furnace Which Should You Choose

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which Should You Choose?

Is a heat pump or furnace the best heating option for your home? The answer to this requires examining a few aspects of your home and gaining more insight into the differences between a heat pump and a furnace. Here’s some information the experts from Reynold’s Air and Heat in Florida use to help you answer the question, “Heat pump vs. furnace: Which should you choose?” What is a Heat Pump? Is a heat pump or furnace the best heating option … Read More

new ac unit installation in brevard county florida

New AC Unit Installation in Brevard County FL

The comfort of your living space is important to the health and well-being of you and your family. And, when you live in a hotter climate, air conditioning is what makes that comfortable temperature and indoor air quality possible. If you are considering a new AC unit installation in Brevard County, FL, our experts can help you choose the right central air … Read More

Residential and Commercial WIFI Thermostats that Improve Energy Savings

Residential and Commercial WIFI Thermostats that Improve Energy Savings

The temperatures are rising outside; which means it’s time to ensure you save as much money as possible. Energy-efficient savings for your home or office may include using a commercial WIFI thermostat. If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality control start by considering ways to save on energy costs and replace your thermostat with a more energy-efficient option. you … Read More

HVAC replacement

Is it Time for an HVAC Replacement?

Air conditioning is important to our home and family’s comfort system, especially in Florida. The cost investment of these systems is high, so we do not want to do an HVAC replacement more often than we have to. However, even with regular maintenance, HVAC systems will need to be repaired and replaced from time to time. If you are unsure … Read More

Home Ventilation Tips for Better Indoor Air

Home Ventilation Tips For Better Indoor Air In Florida

The air you breathe is important to your health. In Florida, with high temperatures and humidity, it can be hard to know how to get the best indoor air quality. Our locally owned and operated air and heat company makes it our business to provide you with these effective home ventilation tips for better indoor air in Florida. How Do … Read More