Residential and Commercial WIFI Thermostats that Improve Energy Savings

The temperatures are rising outside; which means it’s time to ensure you save as much money as possible. Energy-efficient savings for your home or office may include using a commercial WIFI thermostat. If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality control start by considering ways to save on energy costs and replace your thermostat with a more energy-efficient option. you may want to consider upgrading to a commercial WIFI thermostat. Our Central Florida HVAC experts can help you determine the best choice to get the indoor temperatures you want!

Types of Energy-Efficient Thermostats

There are three different kinds of thermostats for your commercial or residential property to choose from: non-programmable, programmable, and smart/WIFI.

Non-programmable thermostats come in two varieties: mechanical and digital. Manual versions require you to use a switch to adjust between air conditioning and heat. You also have to adjust the temperature manually.

Digital units require a power source, such as batteries. Mechanical thermostats are notoriously inaccurate in temperature readings and usually cause more energy consumption. You can find either for less than $20.

Programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule. They are only available in digital and cost around $40 but are more energy efficient than manual options. For example, some programmable thermostats allow you to set preferences for certain times of the day on a cycle before you leave the building, but you cannot program them when you’re away from the unit. Other programmable thermostats are battery-powered, so the device will keep operating even if the building loses power, even if your HVAC does not. Central air conditioners, heat pumps, and electric heating can all be controlled this way.

Commercial WIFI thermostats are the most popular choice these days. They are easy to install and more energy efficient. They have user-friendly interfaces making them easy to use. These smart thermostats are WIFI based and allow you to remotely program and adjust the air conditioning or heating energy in your home or office building (or multiple buildings) for more efficient operation. These thermostats vary in price based on their versatility and options — most start at around $80 but will likely reduce your energy bills, and it is the strongest energy saver.

Advantages of Using a Commercial WIFI Thermostat

Commercial WIFI Thermostats offer advantages over other thermostats. Most are convenient to install, are compatible with most HVAC units, and offer ways to improve long-term operational energy savings.

Commercial WIFI thermostats help minimize utility costs by allowing you to schedule when your heating and air conditioner runs easily. It gives you the power to set it so that it only runs when the home or building is in use, which saves you money by not running when empty.

Many commercial WIFI thermostats track your overall energy usage and show it to you in an easy-to-read monthly report. If you’re curious about how much your HVAC is running each month, this report can tell you that. Often many commercial WIFI thermostats tell you how much energy you use compared to other users. Some power and electric companies even reward you for using energy-efficient settings on your commercial WIFI thermostat.

Commercial WIFI thermostats also sense activity in spaces. Having a smart thermostat means it can sense when someone enters a space and adjusts from eco-friendly room temperatures to more comfortable temperatures for the occupied space.

You can also pre-schedule temperatures using a commercial WIFI thermostat. This allows you to turn off the HVAC entirely if you go on vacation or the home or building will remain empty over a longer period of time. This saves you money, maximizes your HVAC efficiency, and gives you peace of mind while you are away. If your thermostat is disconnected from its network, perhaps due to a power outage, you can be notified of it through your commercial WIFI thermostat.

There are many different brands of commercial WIFI thermostats to choose from for your property. At Reynolds Air & Heat in Brevard County, Florida, we know how important energy efficiency is for your home or office. Comfort is king, and the less you have to pay for it, the better. If you have questions about if a commercial WIFI thermometer is right for you, please contact us.

This article was originally published in April 2020 but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.