Do I Really Need an HVAC Maintenance Plan?

What if we told you there is a simple way you could save money, breathe cleaner indoor air, and increase safety in your home with one simple thing? An HVAC maintenance plan will do just that and gives you peace of mind. Regular HVAC maintenance keeps your system running efficiently, helps prevent more expensive problems, extends the life of your HVAC, and improves the indoor air quality of your Brevard County, Florida home.

Increased Efficiency

Regular preventive maintenance increases the likelihood that your HVAC system runs at close to peak efficiency. This means an average of 30% savings on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Low efficiency forces your system to work harder, eventually shortening its life.

An HVAC maintenance plan allows an HVAC technician to check your ductwork for leaks, inspect and clean the wiring and mechanisms of the air conditioner and furnace, as well as check your air filter for the best airflow. 


You can also help increase the efficiency of your HVAC using these homeowner tips.

Extending the Life of your HVAC

A regular maintenance plan extends the life of your HVAC system. Some of the components of your system are fairly expensive, so investing in an HVAC maintenance plan often has the additional benefit of covering parts under your HVAC warranty; which can save you a significant sum of money if a part breaks.

It’s important to note that many HVAC manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance, either annual or semi-annual when making a warranty a repair claim. Your HVAC repair contractor will be able to walk you through requirements.

Moving parts break. Low refrigerant levels and dirty coils cause frost on your air conditioner, which keeps it from working efficiently and leads to more expensive damage. An experienced HVAC professional often finds and repairs these problems during regular maintenance, before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Improves Indoor-Air Quality

Though we are not often aware of it, our homes are filled with a variety of common indoor allergens ranging from ordinary household dust to pet dander, dust mites, cigarette smoke, pollen, and mold; all of which can cause respiratory issues and flu-like symptoms. The constant high humidity of the year-round summer of Brevard County, Florida encourages mold growth in HVAC coils, ductwork, and condensation pan.

The EPA reports that indoor-air pollutant levels are often two to five times higher, with extreme cases topping more than 100 times higher, than outdoor levels.

HVAC inspections due as part of your annual HVAC maintenance plan help ensure that the air pumping through the vents of your home is as clean and as well-filtered as possible. An HVAC technician will also inspect your ductwork and any other parts of your system as part of a regular HVAC maintenance plan so you can plan ahead for any repairs that your system may require.

At Reynolds Air & Heat we offer VIP Plans at various levels to meet every customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more about each plan and set up your annual maintenance service appointment today.