Don’t Ignore your Ductwork!

Dirty, leaky, dusty, or damaged ductwork in your home can really wreak havoc on allergies and asthma, as well as cost you extra in energy bills; especially if the air ducts in your home are not functioning properly. Air duct repair and cleaning are an essential part of keeping your Brevard County, FL home safe and properly ventilated. Clear ducts improve your indoor air quality, air flow, and provide a comfortable and healthier place to live.

Common Clues You Have Leaky Ductwork Needing Repair and Cleaning

If you experience inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, rooms that feel stuffy and uncomfortable despite lowering the temperature, and higher utility bills in summer and winter, you may have air leaks in your ductwork which allows air to seep out of the ducts before entering your home. You’ll want to have this professionally cleaned so the technician can identify if there are spots to repair or duct replacement needs.

Don’t forget to check your vents. Restricted airflow caused by closed vents or dampers is a big reason for inconsistent temperatures such as uneven heating throughout your home. Leaks in ductwork may be due to improper duct insulation or sealing. Cracked sealing on ductwork may also need to be repaired. In extreme cases, you may have damaged ducts in your attic, garage, or crawlspace that have holes, are kinked, tangled, or have other damages to them that can cause unbalanced airflow.

The U.S. Department of Energy identifies that leaky ducts are responsible for at least 20% of heating and cooling energy loss issues in most Brevard County, FL homes. Fixing leaky ductwork is essential for maintaining optimal comfort and home energy efficiency. By addressing these issues early, you save money on both utility bills as well as give rest and longevity to your HVAC unit, making it last.

Air Duct Inspections for Repair and Cleaning

Regular inspection of your ductwork is relatively simple. Begin with checking for leaks by running your HVAC system and inspecting visible ducts and joints in attics, laundry rooms, crawl spaces, basements, or other open places. You’ll want to pay particular attention to ducts that meet walls. Seal any duct leakage spots with mastic or foil-backed tape; stay away from duct tape or other fabric-backed tapes as they deteriorate over time!

While most ductwork issues are easily managed by most homeowners, if you find heavily damaged ductwork it’s best to call professional air and heat experts, as their expertise often will save you money in the long run.

Clues You Have Dirty Ductwork

Over time, dust, pollen, pet dander, mites, bacteria, and even viruses build up in your ductwork. Every time you turn on your HVAC system these contaminants are released into your home.

Here are 5 clues you have dirty ductwork that needs air duct cleaning:

  1. Open one of your air vent covers and look inside. Is there dirt, debris, or matted dust?

  2. Examine return registers for dust build-up. A thick coat of dust build-up is a clue your ducts are also dirty.

  3. Check your air filter. A dirty air filter clogged with dust causes the airflow to be blocked, which causes more dust to settle and build up in the return ducts.

  4. Open your furnace door and inspect the blower fan and motor for signs of dust, as well as the furnace controls. Lots of dust means dirty ducts.

  5. Check your air conditioner coil. Signs of an improper-working air filter are a dusty coil or if there is dust clinging to the walls.

Reynolds Air and Heat, located in Brevard County, FL, provides duct cleaning services which include the removal of dirt, debris, foul odors, and other pollutants from your ductwork, improving inefficient ducts to help your home’s airflow, and increasing air quality. Our technicians can also install UV light sanitizers in your ductwork for those concerned with bacteria, viruses, and mold. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!