Commercial AC Unit Installation Basics

When summer hits in Central Florida, it’s time to contact your local commercial air conditioning specialists. Whether you need a new HVAC system, or a tune-up, our licensed commercial HVAC technicians will assess your building’s structure and purpose to install a properly sized, energy-efficient air conditioner. If you are ready to install a new unit in your building, below are some commercial AC unit installation basics that are helpful to know.

Maximum HVAC Performance Starts with Choosing the Right System

There are currently a lot of different types of AC units on the market, and our knowledgeable technicians at Reynolds Air & Heat are experts in all of them. When you contact us for a new commercial air conditioner, the first thing we do is talk to you about the common types available for the size and structure of your building so you can make the right decision the first time.

It may surprise you to know that choosing the right commercial air conditioning unit for a building can be a complicated process. Our employees are trained to consider essential pieces of information such as mass flow rates and volume flow rates to meet the heating and cooling loads needed for each room in your commercial building. 

In addition, the structure, materials, and ductwork used in the entire building are all part of this equation for installation services. As business owners, we want you to know what is best for your situation.

Basic Steps in Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Once we have helped you choose the commercial air conditioner for your business, we can now move on to installing your new AC unit, cost-efficiently and correctly. Here are some of the steps involved in that process:

  • Managing orders, shipments, and delivery for you
  • Serving as a go-between with any third parties needed to prep or access the installation site
  • Removing and disposing of any old HVAC equipment
  • Ensuring the new installation has appropriate support and safety precautions
  • Making connections between the new unit and existing indoor structures, thermostats, etc.
  • Starting, testing, and staying on site until we are sure your new unit is running efficiently

When you need to replace or repair your commercial HVAC equipment in Brevard County, FL it’s important to work with the best. Contact Reynolds Air and Heat to schedule your appointment.