Spring Clean Your HVAC System in Melbourne, FL

Springtime cleaning is a great opportunity to refresh the inside and outside of your home, especially your HVAC system in Melbourne, Florida. You can easily open the windows to bring in the fresh air, but what about the air circulating through your HVAC system? Reynolds Air and Heat recommends these steps to spring clean your entire HVAC system! Change the … Read More

Heat Pump vs. Furnace Which Should You Choose

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which Should You Choose?

It’s a good time to consider your heating options, now that summer beach weather is paused. We are often asked for input on if whether it’s better to warm a Florida home using a heat pump or furnace. The answer to this requires examining a few aspects of your home and gain more insight into the differences of a heat … Read More

Air conditioning maintenance and replacement advice

Air Conditioning Care and System Replacement Advice

Air Conditioning Care and System Replacement Advice What You Can do to Extend the Life of Your System Educating our customers and helping them get the most out of their air conditioning and heating system is important to us. There are certain things any homeowner can do to prolong the life of their equipment, save on utility expenses and prolong or possibly … Read More

Florida winter HVAC tips for your system

Cooling and Heating Tips for Florida Winters

Cooling and Heating Tips for Florida Winters With the scorching dog days of summer gone in Brevard County, FL, it’s time your air conditioning unit takes a break with cooler months ahead. As we head into a cooler or even cold winter (Florida cold that is) and have to switch from having the air conditioner on all day to turning … Read More