Building a Home? You Need an HVAC Contractor

Building your new home is an exciting time as you think about designing the next space you’ll create memories with your family and friends. While you look at layouts and the perfect location, there is also a big step you do not want to overlook. There are many contractors to choose from that are experts in custom design and layout. Some contractors will subcontract out all the major components, including designing and installing an HVAC system. Reynold’s Air & Heat shares why you need to find an HVAC contractor in Brevard County, Florida when building your home.

HVAC System Needs to Be Designed Correctly

An HVAC system is a huge part of the cost of your new home. The goal is to install your system to work as efficiently as possible, but you will keep seeing dollar signs if it’s not installed properly. Working with an HVAC contractor from the start will ensure they are in the loop on what you want and communicating with the architect. Ductwork can be moved around later, but it’s much easier to install everything where it needs to be from the start. You would hate to learn after the fact that you didn’t make your utility space large enough to accommodate your HVAC unit!

Custom HVAC System Requires Expertise

Living in Florida means heating and air conditioning are not optional, however, you may want to consider adding a heat pump rather than a traditional heater. Having an HVAC system is standard, but can your contractor design the right HVAC system for your needs? Maybe you want separate thermostats in different areas of the house – called a zoned system. Perhaps you want a separate system for the pool room or guest house. You need a contractor who can provide options with accurate cost estimates.

Planning a House that Changes

Many HVAC contractors can recommend the right system and provide an accurate estimate, but what happens when the plans change? It’s common to make changes after you see the architectural drawings. Has the layout or square footage changed? If so, the HVAC system needs to be taken into consideration. A layout change could mean more or less material for ductwork. Or, different size of furnace or air conditioner.

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