5 Tips To Save Energy This Summer

One of the questions most often asked about energy is how to save more of it. Whether you wish to save energy to reduce overconsumption of fuel resources, help bring down pollution levels or simply rein in your electricity bills, there are things you can do every day to decrease your energy usage.

5 Key Steps You Can Take to Save Energy this Summer:

Turn on the Fans  

Many homes switched from fans to air conditioners a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean fans no longer have any use. An air conditioner is programmed to run until it senses a certain temperature has been achieved. This can mean that it runs for a long time while certain areas still feel warm. Your instinct may be to decrease the overall temperature, but you can use a fan to help instead. While ACs often target specific portions of the room to supply cool air to, you can use fans set at slow to gently waft the cool air to all the parts of a room.

If the room is well-insulated, you can also turn off the air conditioner after some time, and only keep the fan on to save energy.

Don’t Seal Off Rooms

If your home has many windows and openings, you can use that fact to your advantage. There are certain times during the day when the air grows relatively colder. Try to ensure your windows are open during those times to let the cool air in. If your rooms have been sealed shut for a long time, that can also lead to a build-up of heat within the house. At these times, you can open the windows and install a fan to move the hot air from inside the house to the outside.

Additionally, opening up certain windows can allow for a cross breeze within your home.

Get Your Cooling System Examined 

A cooling system is only as efficient as the machines you use. Having air conditioner units or fans that do not work well can reduce their efficiency while also increasing costs. To save energy, you should conduct quality checks on your appliances at regular intervals. If you believe one or more appliances aren’t working as well as they should, consult a professional.

Turn Off and Unplug

This point might seem obvious, but it’s depressing how often people forget the simple rule of turning off an appliance you’re not using. In addition to turning off the lights, fans or ACs after you exit a room, also remember to remove the plug from an electric socket after you’re done using it. Studies that show that keeping appliances plugged into sockets at all times leads to a steady leaking of energy that goes to waste and increases costs.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

LED bulbs save energy by 70-90% more than ordinary bulbs, and also last 25-times longer. Switching your bulbs is a quick way to reduce your energy consumption year round.

With warmer months quickly approaching now is the time to make sure your cooling units are working as efficiently as possible. Reynolds Air and Heat is highly qualified to perform service and repair on all makes and models. We’ll not only help get your system running today; we’ll help maximize the energy efficiency of your current installation, offer preventative maintenance advice and service to help keep it running. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to save energy this summer.